A fast way to make more money - like earning an extra year's pay in only 5 years

Maybe you want to get paid what you’re worth

You make an impact, but sometimes it feels like you aren't paid like it. A token raise might be enough for a token contribution - but you do so much more than more average peers - you just want what seems fair...

“But I’m not good at negotiating – even when I’m right”

Even if you've done great work, sometimes getting more feels like an enormous challenge

I felt underpaid and underappreciated. Jeff coached me through what I should say - and not say - to my bosses during a performance review to get a 15% raise in total take home pay.

Andrew S. - San Diego

Aspiring Engineering Manager


What's the big deal? It's just one raise...

Take a look at this chart.  Whether you make $50k per year, or $100k per year – what do you see?

Both ramp up over time, assuming a 4% annual adjustment.  The bands grow over time, compounding a 15% raise now.

The higher your pay, the steeper the ramp - increases, as a percentage, mean more money when you start with more. 

When you start making more money, you go on to make even more money.

You've got choices to consider

Option #1: Do Nothing (and hope for the best)

How has this worked out for you so far?

You are here, so you probably want something that works better than just spending Sundays dreading Mondays.


Maybe you don't hate your job.  If you did, you probably wouldn't be patient enough to wait and see what happens.

Still, you're not impressed, and you could list a lot more things you'd like to see improved than kept the same.


Maybe you'll suddenly be recognized and respected.

It could lead to exciting projects, fantastic raises, cool perks, and promotions that make holidays and reunions more fun.

(It's always fun to hear "oh, wow" whenever someone asks about work.)

BUT you can never count on it.  We know you do brilliant work, but what sets tomorrow apart from yesterday?


Maybe some rising star will notice some detail about your work and bring you to the top with them.

That would be cool, right?  It's fun to work with smart people, and success feels great!

BUT you've got to both do the brilliant work and get noticed.  It happens - but why leave it to chance?


Maybe it's just your nature to go with the flow in your career.

If that's you, it's gotten you this far - so that's not bad - but what if you want more?

You can wait and see.  There's nothing wrong with it - it's just passive.

Instead of taking responsibility for your career, you are delegating it to others.

BUT that's like taking the daily grind - only occasionally buying a lottery ticket, and calling it "personal development".

Option #2: Take a "DIY" approach (and hope you learn faster than your boss)

You might be too ambitious to do nothing.  You're probably networking, applying to other companies, and considering some new degrees or certifications.


Go ahead.  Do all of those - if you want to - but ask yourself:

  • If I do this, and get what I should be getting now, will I be satisfied?


Maybe you'll be excited for the novelty - new opportunities that emerge - and it'll feel rewarding.

BUT how long will that last?  Won't you just be right back to this feeling of disappointment in a few months?



You will have put in a lot of work to get what you want now, only to have it after a lot of extra effort.


You can teach yourself new skills, and even learn to negotiate with bosses.  You'll be in a better spot for it - and you'd be smart to consider it.

BUT bosses have a lot more experience deflecting your arguments than you have making them.


Where will you find your advice? 

The internet is full of articles and lists (and, maybe worse - "listacles" that combine the fluff of most articles with the mind-numbing power of a list). 

Some are helpful, others are dangerous, and most are a waste of time - but it's hard to tell the difference.

Even if you find what you need - advice you can use - you've done a lot of filtering.  You're finally getting started!

BUT how much time and energy went into that?  You'd probably resent it if someone asked you to do all that work for free... yet there you are.

Option #3: Find some kind of life/career coach (and hope you get results)

Have you considered some kind of advisor and accountability program?


If you type “life coach” or “career coach” into Google, you’ll get a lot of results.

You’ll also probably see a lot of ads in those results, too.

For you, coaching services are about results – but it’s a business with few guarantees.


Maybe someone offers stuff that sounds good.  Everything seems to make sense, more or less.

Everyone is different, so in all cases “your mileage may vary”, but is there something to it?

It’s fine if you are okay with sharing a learning experience, go for it.

BUT make sure there is evidence that any of the advice actually works.


Maybe you’ll find a coach with enormously successful clients – great!

If your work is technical, or highly specialized, be careful.  Your results might be great...

It’s possible that an approach that works for sales reps in China works just as well for mechanical engineers in the United States (or other such differences).

BUT just because it worked for anyone at all doesn’t mean the advice works for people like you.


Maybe you’ll find a coach who specializes in people just like you.

If you see someone with a relevant track record, it’s easy to feel good about them.  It seems much safer than their competitors.

It’s tempting to hang your hopes on their skills, and it just might work – after all, it may have even worked out for people you know.

BUT what if you don’t get results?  Will you blame yourself

It’s a common phenomenon in the “guru” movement online – customers blaming themselves for failing with (sometimes) bad advice.


Suppose you go this route.  You invest $100 or $10k – what happens if it fails?

  • The harsh reality is that there are a lot more people willing to take money than to back up their claims.

"What can I do to earn more money NOW?"

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